Welcome to the Better Red Team!

What is the Better Red Team?

The Better Red Team is a group of three idiots who started to play minecraft together. When playing a game of UHC, they wanted to be the dark red team, but the mods kicked them out of the team and took it for themselves. In retaliation, they banded together to form the Better Red Team... and lost the UHC. ...and it just so happens that one of these idiots likes to code and decided to buy this domain for the memes and to try to build a website for fun.

Because of this, this website contains a lot of hidden subdomains for very specific purposes. Good luck trying to find them though. [Note: This website is not finished]

The Better Red Team:


The OG Founder of the BetterRedTeam


The Second Founder of the BetterRedTeam


The Last (but not least) Founder of the BetterRedTeam